Giving Opportunities

Creating a Legacy

A bequest gift, which is designated in a will, is often the largest donation an individual can make to an institution like Rutgers College of Nursing.  It is the most commonly used type of deferred gift arrangement.

The following is a sample of a simply-worded bequest language:

I give, devise, and bequeath to Rutgers University Foundation for the benefit of Rutgers College of Nursing the sum of _______ dollars / _______ percent of my estate, to be used _______________ (e.g. for its general purposes, to establish a named scholarship fund, for the College of Nursing or a program at Rutgers College of Nursing).

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Wish List (Opportunities for Naming)

  • Endowed Dean and Professorship ($5 million)

  • Endowed Professorship ($3million)

  • Named Simulation Learning Laboratory ($1 million)

  • Endowed Lectureship ($100,000)

  • Endowed Student Scholarship ($100,000)

  • Simulators for Clinical Teaching ($25,000-$100,000)

  • Learning Resources Center Equipment & Supplies ($5,000-$20,000)

Opportunities to Name the Following Planned Centers and Institutes of Excellence

Center for Patient Safety and Quality
Donate and name to support this Center, designed to contribute to improving the quality of patient care across all care settings. The Center's role is to provide national leadership in furthering contributions of nursing care to quality and safe patient outcomes.  The Center for Patient Safety and Quality will focus on training and research, following the recommendations of the Institute of Medicine’s report, To Err is Human and Crossing the Quality Chasm.
Urban Health Center
Donate and name this local Urban Health Center, a collaborative project with our local communities, aimed to serve as a Center of Excellence in providing primary health care to local residents, as well as a learning center for our undergraduate and advanced practice nursing students, and provide opportunities for faculty clinical practice and research on urban health issues.

Center for Veterans Health and Well-Being
Support and name this center to ensure that veterans who are students of Rutgers have the support that will enable them to have successful academic careers and personal lives.  The Center for Veterans Health and Well-Being aims to focus on research, education, and the special needs of the veterans' population.

Minority Nurse Leadership Institute (MNLI)
Support and name this unique program that facilitates the professional, academic, and leadership advancement of ethnic nurses.  The MNLI has served over 100 students in its ten-year history.  This Institute relies heavily on charitable contributions.   

New Jersey Collaborating Center for Nursing (NJCCN)
Donate and name this Center, that was established in 2003. The New Jersey Collaborating Center for Nursing (NJCCN) collects, analyzes, and provides relevant data regarding the supply and demand for New Jersey nurses.  The organization also works to increase the percentage of underrepresented minorities in the nursing workforce, as well as enhance the image of nurses as health care experts through an innovative program called “I Care About Nursing” (I CAN).

Center for Professional Development
Donate and support this Center that offers continuing professional education on cutting-edge issues facing nurses in local and adjacent communities.  The Center for Professional Development also offers important NCLEXs review courses to graduating nurses and those that seek professional nursing licensure. 

Center for Excellence in HIV Prevention, Treatment & Care
Support and name this Center that will serve as a focal source of research and service learning to nursing faculty and students.  The Center for Excellence in HIV Prevention, Treatment & Care will serve underrepresented populations living with HIV and those at risk of contracting HIV and AIDS.  

Annual Funds

College of Nursing Scholarship Fund
Gifts to this fund are awarded by faculty to deserving students based on need or merit.

College of Nursing Academic Excellence Fund
Gifts to this fund are awarded by the Dean to advance the programs of the Rutgers College of Nursing.  Support to this broad-based fund might go to students, faculty, or the College's greatest needs or priorities. 

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